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Modern day polo credits India as the birthplace for the sport as it was in Manipur, India, that the sport was introduced to the Western civilization in the late 19th century.

The sport retained much of its regal status and format of play, as it did in India, among the European nobility. American polo, however, differed from its European counterpart in that it was a much faster sport, involving short passes to move the ball towards the oppositional goal.


Today, Indian polo has evolved much since the times of Babar, the founder of the Mughal royalty, in the 15th century, who popularized the sport. No longer has an exclusive sport reserved for royalties, Indian polo turned professional with numerous privately owned teams and significant corporate sponsorships all in tow. As well, there are more than 30 Indian polo clubs dotted all over India, catering to the needs of polo enthusiasts and the uninitiated alike.

Following in the footsteps of Colonel Garcha, his son Satinder Garcha founded his own polo team six years ago. To date, the team has participated in several tournaments across England, Spain, Malaysia, Thailand, Argentina and India. He presently has a team in the medium goal in England, medium and a high goal team in Argentina.

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