Col. KS Garcha

Club President Colonel Kuldeep Singh Garcha has had a long and glorious history with polo. A retired army officer, he has been one of India’s foremost players with a handicap of five goals and has captained the Indian polo team on a number of occasions. A recipient of the prestigious Arjuna Award, India’s highest national award for outstanding sportsmen, he was previously the National Coach for the Indian polo team.

He has also served as a National coach for Indian Polo Team. Colonel Garcha’s love affair with polo started when he joined the Indian Military Academy Khadakwasla Pune in 1962. It was here that he started playing polo and became a captain for both the National Defense Academy and the Indian Military Academy, where he moved to in 1965. He was given the blues from both the academies.

In June 1966, Colonel Garcha was commissioned into the 61st Cavalry, which is the most elite regiment in the Indian Army and the only active mounted cavalry in the world.

Colonel Garcha has played in more than 20 countries, including New Zealand, Jamaica, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Australia, Pakistan, England, Germany, France, Italy, Argentina, Canada, Mexico, and Malta.